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We understand that not everyone has the same experience and all classes may not fit each organizations specific needs which is why we offer custom curriculum. Pick from any of our existing classes to create your own or ask us to create a class for you!

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CPR Tools Course Listing

Basic Data Recovery

CPR Tools’ Data Recovery course covers the entire spectrum of hardware data recovery, from changing PCBs to changing heads.

Extensive use of industry standard and proprietary techniques combined with real-world “hands on” training in a clean room environment.

Course length: 3 days
Course Price: $2550.00
Course Dates

Flash Recovery

CPR Tools’ Flash Recovery course covers the entire process of recovery flash based media in today’s newest storage technologies. From thumb drives to Solid State Drives, this class teaches the techniques needed to perform data recoveries.

Course Length: 3 Days
Course Price: $2550.00
Course Dates

Mobile Media and JTAG Chip Off

CPR Tools’ Mobile Media JTAG and Chip Off class covers every aspect of recovering data from current mobile devices.
JTAG – This section covers if and how to perform JTAG to retrieve data from a device that appears to be in a non-functioning state.
Chip Off – This segment covers how to remove chip from a device, read them, and analyze the data.

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Course Length: 2 days
Course Price: $1850.00
Course Dates

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