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With more than 10% of hard drives failing within the first four years of use, we are faced with more than 66 million hard drives losing important information nationwide. Consumers spend nearly $120 billion on data recovery efforts every 1.5 years alone.

Our data recovery engineers have developed tools to bring back what other data specialists have declared ‘unrecoverable’.

Please look through our Data Recovery products and see how we can help you with your Data Recovery services. Please call us at 844.674-DATA (3282) for more information or to place an order..

What is PSIClone™?

PSIClone™ is the product of 27 years of:

  • Performing data recoveries that have been declared as ‘unrecoverable’.
  • Developing hardware and software tools for the Data Recovery Industry.
  • Sharing the secrets of successful Data Recoveries.

PSIClone: Designed BY Recovery Engineers FOR Recovery Engineers

Developed by CPR Tool’ engineers in answer to our own data recovery lab technicians’ requests, PSIClone is packed with useful features for the forensic investigator. Designed with forensic data integrity in mind, a key feature of PSIClone is that the user is unable to write to the ‘source’ side of the device. With the included data recovery software, PSIClone has everything you need to perform data recoveries – right out of the box.

While PSIClone is a drive-to-drive cloning and imaging device, it stands out from other such devices because PSIClone has the ability to perform a robust compression while imaging a drive, thereby allowing you to place images of multiple drives on a single dump drive. This saves time and money.

Version 5.0 of PSIClone is the most robust ever, featuring:

  • Built in Forensic Write-Block
  • Built in PATA and SATA interfaces
  • Sector to Sector Cloning
  • Drive Imaging
  • On-The-Fly Image Compression
  • GClone (Clone the G-List)
  • Email Alerts (allows the user to input an email address which gets notified when the process starts, stops, errors or at specific time intervals)
  • MD5 Hash generation
  • Drive erasing with user selectable methods
  • Image Resume – allows the user to stop and resume image files
  • USB 2.0 Write Block feature (Mass Storage Switch)
  • FastClone – File System Copy
  • Partition Copy
  • DriveKey – Unlocks ATA Password protected drives>

Add-on Features include:

  • iFirmware
  • Advanced Data Recovery

Recovery Software included with every PSIClone

Data Recovery in the Palm of Your Hand

From our lab to yours, CPR Tools, Inc. is proud to introduce the latest innovation in data recovery technology. Designed
for the lab and out in the field, use Mimic when size matters.

Mimic was built with you in mind. This product features the traditional 5-inch touchscreen that you’re used to, with USB 3.0 and SATA ports for faster reads and writes. You’ll be in full control of your recoveries with the option to start, pause, and resume your work at any time with the touch of a button.

Mimic™ by CPR Tools – Easy Data Recovery

Make data recovery easy with Mimic. Built by and for information technology experts, this tool is sure to enhance your recovery technique. Mimic:

  • supports multiple image formats, including RAW and EWF, to guarantee software compatibility
  • is a write-blocked device to ensure data integrity
  • tracks recovery with convenient and seamless recovery action and information logging
  • works with JumpStart technology to eliminate the hassle of time-consuming hard drive removal
  • can create multiple copies with one-to-many cloning interface

Mimic’s small size makes it portable enough to suit your needs. We didn’t forget security, either. It comes equipped with a passcode locking feature to keep information private while operating a recovery.

Mimic’s recovery journals automate processes for logging operator information, source and destination data, and recovery statistics.

Recovering similar information? Create and run your own scripts on Mimic to make saving all of your music files, documents and more a breeze!

Clone data quickly from a source device or partition to a destination device or partition.
File Copy specified files from a source file system directly to a destination drive folder.
Create an image of a source device in RAW, RAW compressed, .E01 and .Ex01 format.

BitStorm Logo

Data Recovery Software

Data recovery has always been seen as an expensive and difficult process.  Data recovery companies want you to think that you can’t do it yourself;  well, now you can.

Features Include:

  • Bootable USB Flash Drive
  • Windows ™, Mac ™ or Linux
  • Recover data from virtually any storage device
  • Recover data from virtually any interface
  • Pre-configured file recovery options
  • Fully configurable file recovery options
  • File previews
  • Erase Data
  • Virus Removal
  • Audit Trails
  • Windows ™ Password Unlock

Intelligent Software

Recovering data with BitStorm is as easy as a few simple clicks! BitStorm will let you
recover all of your files or just specific files and everything in between. The software is
smart enough to search for all of your pictures and nothing else and easy enough to use
that you can do just that.

Windows™ Password Unlock

Clients approach us every day with computer issues. One of the most common is that they
forgot their Windows password. With the new ‘Password Unlock’ tab you can unlock the
account so that they can retrieve their data!

White Label

Want to have your logo on BitStorm? No problem we can re-brand the software to make it